About us

At Professional Yoga we believe in safe and sustainable yoga practice, helping our yoga students by tailoring to their abilities and needs.

The driving force behind Professional Yoga is Edit Horvath. Originally from Hungary, Budapest she started to practice yoga when only 11 years old. She practiced and trained in numerous countries, Bali, Indonesia, Auckland, NZ, as well as in Hawaii, USA, Hungary etc.

Professional Yoga Instructors

Edit Horvath

Edit teaches hatha yoga, the most commonly practised yoga style, which combines 3 elements: physical poses; controlled breathing; and a period of deep relaxation or meditation.

Muna Ladha

I started Shukokai Karate at the age of 14 in England, specialised in Kumete, open free style competition fighting. At the age of 19 I became the youngest member of the British Fighting Squad. After receiving my first Dan I went onto opening my dojo and attending courses on Judo, Akido, Kalari, Tai Chi and many more.

Moving to New Zealand in 1997, I carried on solo practice and took up yoga which I found very enjoyable and a great workout. I trained as a yoga teacher with Yandara Institute in Bali to extend my experience. I enjoy my Hatha practice and find teaching fulfilling.