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Pregnancy FAQ's

You can start your classes any time during your pregnancy – the earlier the better! To achieve the best results for a smooth pregnancy and labour, ideally it is great to start as soon as possible and practice right through until birth. If you are further through your pregnancy, you can still achieve a lot, but it is good to start as soon as possible.

We encourage our pregnancy students to attend classes for as long as they feel comfortable – for most women this can be right up to their due date.

Many people feel that they ‘can’t do yoga’, as they are ‘not flexible enough’ or they ‘can’t touch their toes’. We work with you, no matter what your level of experience and flexibility. Postures are adjusted to suit the class, while still providing strength and challenges for the more experienced practitioner.

We work with people of all levels of mobility, flexibility and health issues. If you can move, you can do yoga. If your mobility is seriously affected however, a private session may be more ideal in achieving maximum benefits for you. Please contact us if you are unsure if attending a class is suitable for you.

Please bring your own mat if you have one, however some mats will be provided. You will also need a firm cushion and a blanket.

Wear comfortable loose/stretch clothing that allows for easy movement. Your body temperature is higher during pregnancy so it is a good idea to wear layers that you can remove or add as necessary. It is also advisable to bring something warm to wear during the relaxation/after the class i.e. socks, jersey, etc.

Ideally, it is best not to eat a large meal less than two hours before a yoga class, however it is important to eat regularly while you are pregnant so a light snack is fine 30 minutes / one hour before class.

For your first class please arrive 10 minutes early so that your teacher can introduce herself, you can fill out the registration form, show you our facilities and discuss any queries you may have. After the first class try to aim for at least 5 minutes before class.

The more regularly and frequently you can do a short practice, the greater results you will see. Attending one class a week will definitely help to prepare you for birth. In addition to this, after you attend a few classes, we will give you a short practice you can continue at home and practicing this on the days you don’t attend classes will really benefit you.

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