411, 2015

Stress Reduction Breathing Techniques

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How it works
The breath is the body’s most critical function, so it’s no great surprise that the way we breathe can have an impact on our state of mind, emotions […]

2210, 2015

Energise your Yoga – November Workshop

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Learn yoga techniques to energise your Yoga
2210, 2015

Susan is building resilient bodies & minds

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Susan assisted our workshop participants with the Tension Release Process, which is a body centred approach to releasing tension held in your body as the result of stressful events. This […]

2209, 2015

Reduce Tension & Stress Yoga Workshop

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Reduce tension and stress at our October Yoga Workshop
1108, 2015

Wednesday Yoga Classes Are Back!

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Professional Yoga regulars ... our Wednesday yoga classes are back!